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Then, identify your three minimum responsibilities. What are the baseline responsibilities for your position or role? Why note this? The next step is to identify your big goals for the year and their desired outcomes.

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How do you come up with these goals? Is it feasible to take on that much? Then, note milestones for each goal and key activities for each milestone. Each milestones is an achievement that serves as a key marker on the way to the overall goal. Self-efficacy is created in large part when we accomplish things that we feel move things forward. You really have to get buy-in from your manager or boss for this to be an effective basis for your growth at the company. Schedule a sit-down and send your draft plan to them to review prior to your meeting.

At the meeting, try to be as open as possible to feedback and not instinctively defend your thoughts. Tempting, I know, given all of your hard work! Make sure you can meet any differing expectations and then adjust the plan if necessary based on the conversation. Ask for a quarterly or six-month check-in with your boss on how the plan is going. First, it creates accountability, and we all do better at getting things done with the psychological pressure of having to report back to someone else.

Second, it creates a way that your boss can pay attention to your hard work and dedication throughout the year, and not just at your end-of-year review. And, yes, we want it now.

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And while having a sense of urgency and being insatiably hungry are both very good traits to have, you have to balance them with patience and perseverance. We want too much too quickly. Let me explain the logic behind this.

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More and more, it seems that folks are ignoring the big picture — the long view — and overreacting to what everyone is telling them to do. Look at it this way.

5 Steps to Take Control of Your Career

You have to get out in the big wide world where the work is, the jobs are, the innovators are, the customers are, and, not surprisingly, the opportunities are. And while the universe is a chaotic place, it is, after all, the place where we actually live and work. There are all sorts of factors that influence your career and your business. You have to fight that urge. If you really want to take control of your career and do great things, you have to resist the urge — and the deafening drumbeat of the online hordes — to control little things.

Personal growth means leaving your comfort zone.

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