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Enjoy his 3D printed models of each site! Lana Chircop is an artist, designer, musician, game developer and self-made thousandaire. She works as a designer at TD Bank by day and fights crime by night. She is updating the world to a new version with better graphics, more automation and less bugs. She shares some tips on how to elevate small talk to big talk. Rebecca Rosenblum is the author of two short story collections. Mark Sampson has published five books. Can two creative people live under the same roof? Orlando Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts May 26, Yeysk Pizzburg Jan 28, Halifax Seahorse Tavern May 27, Accra Goethe Institut Jun 22, We tend to talk about business models quite often lately.

But what exactly does it imply? Does it need t be a long detailed report or can it be more empirical? Rasima Kaibysheva is co-organizer of the festival of street art, author of Art Space gallery of street art "Dobro place" in Ufa. Rasima talks about the role of street art in cultural development of the city and about possibilities of small galleries.

Inspired by our "My Favourite Things" theme, Elaine Tierney considers what her favourite things are and realises that it is the small and everyday things that really make her happy. In this talk, she teaches us to embrace everyday smiles She's right!

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She collects these beautiful 'micro moments', which she views as everyday presents, and uses them to layer and stitch into her textile work. Here she talks about her commission for the City Arcadia project, where she is working up her Small Scale City Skirt as a way of making the city wearable. What's it like to move home to a small town after nearly 30 years away? If the physical geography remains very nearly the same, what about the cultural geography? Can you ever go home again? Is it comfortingly familiar, or nauseatingly the same?

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Donald Clem has found small world's everywhere he's gone. An architect with a sense of humor and big heart, he's designed places like Knots Berry Farms and Affordable Housing during his long, varied career. Blake Laven is a registered professional planner with a keen interest in downtown revitalization, affordable housing work, community visioning and promoting positive urban development. He has some pretty awesome ideas to share about making life more fun and sustainable for people in the small, picturesque town he calls home.

He does this through a series of images that were all taken within 4 minutes of his own home. Do you think out loud or do you prefer to keep your thoughts inside until they're fully formed?

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Everyone has different levels of auditory, kinesthetic, linguistic, and visual-spatial reasoning, which may account for difficulties in communication. Akira Sakano speaks on the ageing, depopulating town of Kamikatsu โ€” one of the smallest in Japan. She discusses her journey in many places around the world and the power of small-scale, community-based changes that lead to vibrant cities.

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