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Then you can open the file. Home Leaderboard Activity Badges. You must enable JavaScript to be able to use this site in full. Physics Simulation Structural Mechanics How to open verification manual test cases? Hi all! So is there a way to run these test cases? Permalink 0 0 0.

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Assuming you are working on a Windows OS, copy the vm Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Derek Day Modified over 4 years ago.

This error is magnified as the thickness decreases, which beyond a certain ratio may make the FE model excessively stiff. Current element technologies, such as the enhanced strain or extra shapes , are not sufficient to remedy this numerical locking in linear 3D solid elements. Nonlinear MPCs or transitional elements are required for connecting shell and solid elements. Treatment of variable thickness is unclear. Definition of contact interaction needs special attention. Difficulties in the specialization of general three-dimensional material laws to plane-stress state.

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Complicated update of rotations in geometrically nonlinear analyses. Thus the connection problem between solid and shell elements can be eliminated. Performs well in simulating shell structures with a wide range of thickness from extremely thin to moderate thick. Is compatible with 3D constitutive models and automatically accounts for thickness change. Performs well for both flat-plate and curved shells. The SOLSH elements are stacked two through the thickness to allow 4 integration points in that direction. The base of the column is fixed.

Long term goal: Remesh base on the deformed domain at a selected substep Map the solved variables and achieve equilibrium based on the mapped variables Resume the solution based on the new mesh Long term goal: Fully automatic rezoning with different adaptive criteria to overcome mesh distortion and reduce discretization error. During the solution, there may be errors generated about element distortion, where ANSYS will then automatically bisect.

In the General Postprocessor, note the excessive element distortion at the bottom of the model. The solution will then be restarted from this point.

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In this example, approximately ten evenly-spaced restart points were requested prior to the initial solution. In the GUI, there is also an option to create a. Mesh controls can be specified to enable the user to obtain any type of desired mesh. In this example, only a global element size was specified same global element size as original model , which may result in a few triangular elements generated.

ANSYS Verification Manual

Although the user can create a new mesh, please note that general Preprocessing functions, such as creating new geometric entities, are not available during the manual rezoning phase, as these preprocessing functions do not pertain to rezoning. The second step then remaps the solution variables displacements, stresses, strains from the old to new mesh and ensures equilibrium is achieved.

Although results are written to different files for rezoning operations, this is transparent to the user. Effects of spot weld radius is not taken into account underestimates the strength of the spot weld connection. A spot weld is defined by the surfaces to be connected and a spot weld node near the surfaces. The spot weld node determines the location of spot weld The location of the spot weld can be independent of the location of the nodes on the surface to be welded.

The approach takes into account of effects of spot weld radius. The radius defines the range of force distribution. A beam element to link the two adjacent surfaces. The beam has physical radius. The spot weld can be either rigid or deformed. It is the element component and it is used to identify set of spot weld for list, output, and adding more surfaces. It determines the location of spot weld. It can be one of node on surface NCM1 or an independent node near the surface.

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Original position of spot weld node 1 Spot weld surface 1 Spot weld node 1 After projection Original position of spot weld node 1 Spot weld node 1 After projection Spot weld surface 1 Projection onto surface Projection direction specified by user. Each spot weld has a circular projection onto the spot weld surface.

SHRD - Search radius.

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  • Each surface can input by a pre-defined node component or by a meshed area. Spot weld surface 4 Spot weld node 4 Beam3 Spot weld surface 3 Spot weld node 3 Spot weld radius Beam2 Spot weld surface 2 Spot weld node 2 Beam1 Spot weld node 1 Spot weld surface 1 Original position of spot weld node 1 Basic spot weld set.

    Identify when and how contact occurs. When divergence occurs, it determines the regions where contact is unstable.


    This is an extension of the existing curve fitting capabilities for all the above mentioned material models. Add data at various temperatures and as many as you like in the following format. This is applicable to all experimental data types.